Veronica Mars Movie pics and my fav LoVe dialogues

So here are my top dialogues: I am Team Logan so dont judge me 🙂

Logan in uniform entrance

Veronica shocked  in seeing handsome Logan after 9 years in his Lieutenant uniform and she says “You should only wear this like ever”.

After dropping Veronica from airport Logan asks her that isn’t she gonna ask him if he did it. Veronica says: I wouldn’t be here if I thought you did it”.

When Veronica says she will be leaving and she wished she would be there with him when they catch Carrie’s killer. Logan says : 9 years of radio silence and I knew I could count on you.”

Back to being old Veronica

Back to being old Veronica

When Veronica decides to stay back and help Logan and she dresses up like her old self and comes out Logan is waiting for her he says: you should only wear this”

Logan says : “You flew across the country to help me.”

take the long road

Veronica wanting to spend more time with Logan says : “We should take the long way home”

Logan: I thought our story was epic, you know, you and me.
Veronica: Epic, how?
Logan: Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined, bloodshed. Epic. But summer’s almost here, and we won’t see each other at all. And then you leave town… and then it’s over.
Veronica: Logan…
Logan: I’m sorry about last summer. You know, if I could do it over…
Veronica: Come on. Ruined lives? Bloodshed? You really think a relationship should be that hard?
Logan: No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.

He kisses her nose like he use to in the series

He kisses her nose like he use to in the series

The movie ends with asking Veronica “what’s 180 days for us?” and they end up repeating the same dialogue Our story is epic throughout the years…. It always makes me smile.


HE carries her

He tucks her in

He tucks her in

Leaves her a note (cute)

Leaves her a note (cute)

Back to being a PI

Back to being a PI

Veronica says “come back to me” to which Logan replies “ALWAYS”.

A perfect ending.



Veronica Mars The movie

vlcsnap-42917 made it happen



How the series started with her best friends murder and town sheriff her dad wrongly accused most powerful man and is jobless and has is now a registered PI “Mars Investigation”. Logan is clueless and is finding a way to cope with Lily’s murder is coping with rage. How the one factor Lily brought them together. How the same investigation thing tore them apart. She left town when she was 19. Now the new her after 9 years people say she is a Marshmallow.


She is in an interview with Truman-mann. She leaves the office and meets Piz and she is in relation with him. He mentions how his parents are coming to town just to meet Veronica. While leaving she sees the news and articles about Bonnie DeVille’s (also known as Carrie Bishop in the series) murder and Logan being ex boyfriend is accused. Second call for interview she picks up Logan’s call with whom she has not been in contact in past 9 years. She has stopped PI but agrees to help Logan with the lawyers. She leaves for Neptune.

Logan in his lieutenant uniform (NAVY) bought Palm Springs ticket just to enter airport and receive her. Ve is shocked and happy to see Lo. She says he should like always wear this. Dropping her at Mars Investigation he asks Ve is she going to ask him if he did it. Ve says “I wouldn’t be here if I thought you did it.” Mac and Wallace come to visit her. Mac is working in Kane software and Wallace is assistant coach in Neptune High.

Next day at Lo’s place she sees a sex tape leaked and DICK says “Is anybody surprised that I am the only one who does not have a sex tape?” haha. Lo and Ve go for drinks in a KAreoke bar where he shows her an email that came to him after Bonnie’s death. A girl is dressed as Bonnie and sings and Lo suspects her. Lo drops Ve home says “9 years of radio silence and I knew I could count on you.” Next day Ve un boxes her items and dresses as old Ve, cancels her flight for few days and leaves where lo is waiting for her. Lo says “you should only wear this”. Ve asks and Lo mentions how he received Bonnie’s text and went her home and he could not find her. The alarm was ringing someone had changed the pass code and he found her in bath tub and as he went to help her he passed out not realizing the wires were connected to the tub. Ve tracks the person’s IP address and reaches at the same girls home who dressed as Bonnie and comes to know she was a junior and her real name is  Della Pugh also known as Judy Jetson. Ve is caught but Della dismisses the charge under one condition that she gets a date with Lo. She agrees. People try and flirt with Ve. For one of the man flirting she says her boyfriend is a hit man and disgusted by Dax Sheppard’s (real life husband lol) dance moves goes to sit with Della and Lo. Della is clean not murderer and they drop her off. She also mentions Lo that she took the job in New York and is leaving after reunion. She will go for dinner with Mac and Wallace. Lo mentions how she flew across the country to help him. Offering a ride back at airport she says dad is doing that. Lo disappointed but she says We should take the long way home.

Reunion goes with Mac and Wallace coz Piz will be joining. Ve sees Lo talking with Della’s boyfriend. Then sees Weevil shocked to know he is married with hot wife and has a daughter 3 years old and has left the biker gang. While giving condolences to the dead Ve comes to know how something happened in the boat that night when Susan died and Bonnie tired of hiding wanted to come clean and killer killed her. Then Mac comes and says go inside Ve sees her and Piz’s Sex tape being played. Lo angry starts a fight and Piz, Dick all join in. She goes and lights a lighter in the smoke detector and fight breaks off. She goes to after party at Gia’s with Wallace, Mac and Piz.

Ve meets Leo who is a deputy and comes to know that Bonnie talked about how all will be punished and all. Ve visits Lo’s home and sees in the photo that the anchor was missing in the police photo that was used for drowning Susan’s body. Then a new video surfaces the internet and Lo comes to know its videoed through Galaxy Tab. Meets James Franco and Ve meets with Vinnie and gets all the Bonnie videos that he has. They come to know Gia messaged Lo through tab that night.

They go to Police station with evidences only for Sherrif to dismiss them and says that if America considers Lo guilty that is enough for him. Lo is wearing Free hugs cap which is also recording a video. Ve calls Piz and says she cant leave. Piz says she could come. Piz indirectly hints that she put her priority there and she could chose to come to him but she did not. Sad because his parents are there and breaks up with Ve. During Dinner Keith Mars mentions how they are not hiring Ve as she is not dedicated and not like her who did not bother to call them back. Keith mars gets call and is talking with a cop in his car. Lo arrives and sees the car accident and saves him. Broken Ve is taken to hospital he carries her and takes her to her home. Opens her shoes, tucks her in and leaves a note. Before he leaves she asks him to stay and kisses him and they start to make out. The next day they wake up and Ve is ready to nail Gia and Luke.

Ve sees that Gia is sleeping with Stu Cobbler. She goes to Gia’s home and confronts her. Meanwhile Stu is told by his neighbour that something happened and he could hear him having sex with a girl on radio. Gia says how what happened that night and Susan died and Cobb’s idea to weigh her down and Dick passed out already and they did not know that he clicked a photo. Then Gia says how she is not allowed to have curtains and Stu lives across her apartment and she goes to wave Cobbler and is shot and killed Ve escapes and tricking Cobbler she hits him and he is arrested.

Ve wakes up in Lo’s home and. He mentions that its 180 days that they wont be together. They repeat we have an epic story dialogue. Then she says come back to me. Lo kisses her nose and says always. He leaves in his lieutenant uniform. Ve like an addict returns to Mars investigation and Weevil is back as the leader of PCH biker gang.

I loved the movie. I was always team Logan obviously. But ditching Piz and his family was sad. But then that is Veronica and that is what led to Logan and Veronica to break up in season 3. I love how their chemistry is awesome. How the ride in Logan’s car they way they glance at each other damn lovely. I loved the way he clicked Veronica’s pic the same way he did in the series when she was jailed. I love the care Logan has for her tucking her in and looking after her like he did when she was attacked by the rapist. I loved the moment of passion between them that did not fade even after 9 years. I loved when Logan kissed her nose before he left for his duties the same way he use to do in the series. I love LoVe. Need I say more? I am so thankful for the fans to donate money and give a clean ending between Logan and Veronica. Plus if Leighton Meester would have had the chance to reprise her role as Carrie Bishop/Bonnie DeVille then it would have been cherrie on top.

The Theory of Everything 2014 movie

So me and my sister went for shopping with no particular thing to buy. We did shop and not wanting to go back home went to movie theater and watched this movie. My little sister wanted to watch Taken 3 and i wanted The theory of everything. Luckily Taken 3’s show time was gone and we got a chance to watch this film. I never did expect to watch this movie in my country. All the YA novel turned into movies and the chain series like Fast and the furious and marvel magic remain on the theaters for more than a week. So I was shocked that they even showed his movie and happy that i got a chance to watch it.

So i dont remember the actor but i remember Felicity Jones form Chalet girl and Like Crazy (something named like that) movie.

Movie is about how Stephen Hawking meets his first wife (Jane) in a party and they hit off. They informally date and in between they show how Stephen Hawkings bodily function and movements is degrading. Until one day he collapses and after check up comes to know he has “motor neuron disease”. the doctor mentions him having only 2 years to live. He avoids Jane and she comes to know about his disease through his close friend. Declaring she loves him they remain together and they marry.

jane wilde adn stephen hawking real      

The first image is the real one the other one in color is from the movie.

They have kids and Jane is very supportive at first but then as Stephen Hawkings lives on she is at times tired. Then his motor skills degrade and yet he completes his thesis and is appreciated. The marriage results in two children one son and a daughter. Then after her mom’s suggestion Jane joins Church Choir. The teacher is a year old widow and he helps the family and Jane and Jonathan(teacher) seem to like each others company. Then when the third child is born people suspect if it is Stephens so expressing that he likes Jane and Jane responds saying she feels the same he parts. Then Stephen asks Jonathan to come and help. He does and he is invited to some program and he leaves. Jonathan with Hawkings family go for camp and they indicate Jane and Jonathan sleeping togeher. In between the program Hawkings spits blood and is taken in emergency. There Jane arrives and comes to know Hawkings has Pneumonia. Jane does not give up and through tracheotomy Hawkings lives. Then Jane bids final farewell to Jonathan. At home a helper with his speaking Elaine is hired and she beings to understand Hawking more than his wife. A built in computer that talks is there for Hawkings. The funny scene was when the computer speaks Jane goes on like its american (accent). Then his book A Breif History of Time is bestseller and there is a strain on his marriage. He tells Jane how he invited Elaine to go with him to America and receive and award. This as final straw breaks their marriage. Jane and Jonathan reunite. Happy with Elaine and possibly in love he gives a speech receiving a standing ovation. Jane receives a letter form Stephen and they show how Queen has invited him to the castle. He goes with Jane and he is outside in the lawn. They look at their children and they are playing around. He types and tells Jane “LOOK WHAT WE MADE”.

I loved the movie if too much physics was there then possibly i would feel dumb and not like the movie. However it shows the other side of what we know of Hawking. I loved the ending where he says look what we made i went awww. Then also the best part was his theory beginning of time. Then when Hawkings says look what we made they show scenes in reverse form that moment to the first time he met Jane at the party. To the beginning. A good acting and worth the watch.

Veronica Mars Season 1: Overview


Mars family includes dad Keith Mars and his daughter Veronica Mars and wife who left the family Lianne Mars.

Kane Family includes father Jake Kane, mother, Brother Duncan Kane and a sister Lily Kane.

Echolls family includes famous actor named Aaron Echolls and his wife Lynn Echolls, son Logan Echolls and one adopted daughter Trina Echolls.

Veronica has a best friend Wallace Fennel who lives with his mom and a small brother.

Eli “Weevil” Navarro as a biker gang and goes to Neptune high with all the characters.

These are the main characters in the season.


One year ago Veronica Mars’s best friend Lily Kane was murdered and the investigating officer was her dad who accused Jake Kane for the murder of his own daughter. He claims this because there were some inconsistency on how all had alibis’ and Kane’s who never even fold their clothes had done laundry. So when someone comes and confesses the murder Keith Mars is removed from Sherriff’s post. Since then he has been a private investigator.

A popular group called 09ers (Rich people who live in houses starting from 9…) was there where Lily dated Logan (the supposed bad boy), Veronica dated her best friends brother Duncan Kane. Then she was given a choice to stand by her father and leave o9ers and become a social outcast or be with the group and leave her dad. She chooses former and since then the blonde haired skirt wearing beauty changed her appearance and is constantly taunted by the group. After the arrest of Jake Kane and she selecting t be by her dad’s side Duncan breaks up with her giving no reason. After that she crashes one of 09ers party and the next day she realizes she was raped.

Throughout the first season she helps several of her classmates and has few romantic relationships. First, childhood friend of Duncan’s who turns out to be drug dealer. Second the sheriff department’s deputy sheriff but meanwhile Logan Echolls helps her and they kiss realizing it is more than that she breaks up with the deputy Sherriff. In the end of the season she ends up alone.

Lily murder Case: The death of Lily Kane destroys Mars family and everything Veronica had in her life friends, boyfriend and a social life. Then Veronica comes to know even though her father is not a Sherriff he has kept all the files relating to the murder case. Then she asks for evidence from the court acting as if she is writing a school paper. Then she finds out that the shoes found in the murder scene (lily’s room) was also found in the house of the confessor. She digs further and finds out that the one who confessed is terminally ill. So he cannot be the killer. She finds out about her mom’s affair with Duncan’s dad and she might be Duncan’s sister. Duncan has blanked out about the day of Lily’s murder. She also comes to know that Eli “Weevil” Navarro and Lily were in love. She then suspects Logan of murdering Lily because she was seeing someone. Then she does not break up with him but avoids him. Logan is the first boyfriend of hers to come to know about the drugs and her rape. Gathering information that Logan has a motive and was not in Mexico but in Neptune the day Lily got murdered puts him in jail. She goes as a waitress in the Kane house and searches in bents where Lily used to hide things and finds the tape. Watching it with Duncan she comes to know that Lily was sleeping with Aaron Echolls. She was murdered because she stole the tapes. When Duncan comes back home form football practice he sees Lily covered in blood. He is holds her and that is how he is covered in her blood and when his parents arrive Duncan is in shock so they assume he killed her. To cover up his crime they did laundry. Then after the party while going to submit the tape to the police she sees Aaron Echolls in her car. He attacks her and locks her in a fridge and sets it on fire. She is saved by her dad and goes home and Aaron Echolls is hit by a car.

Veronica and her mom: She loved her mom and she leaves Veronica with only a note saying she will come back for her. She tracks her mom down and comes to know that her mom was chased out of town and she left to protect Veronica as she was being targeted by someone. She also comes to know that Jake Kane and her mom were high school sweethearts. She tracks her mom and she sends her to rehab. In the end she comes to know that although her mom is back in her and her dad’s life she has is not sober and did not complete her rehab time. Veronica asks her mom to get out of their life; she knows that her mom used up all of her college fund into drinking. The money fifty thousand dollars that her dad receives from the Kane’s is stolen by her mom as she is leaving.

Veronica and Logan: Also known as “LoVe”. I love these two. Logan comes to Veronica for help where he believes that his mom faked her suicide and is still alive. She helps him and tracks her credit card only to realize that his adopted sister was using his mom’s card and his mom actually did commit suicide. He breaks down in front of Veronica. Then while helping her by beating a stalker (turns out to be FBI) he kisses her back. Confused at first and Duncan missing they begin meeting/dating secretly. But she ends things when she comes to know he was the one who provided drugs in the party. Although knowing that what she thought of rape was actually sex between her and Duncan she forgives the fact that Logan drugged Duncan. She realizes that Logan was not the one who killed Lily but then Eli who loved Lily attacks and beats up Logan with his biker gang. Veronica opens the door and says she was waiting for him to come. (I think it is Logan). I love LOGAN J

Veronica and Duncan: They dated but he breaks up because after sleeping with her and during which time he knew that Veronica can be his sister he goes away. This is the reason for him to dump Veronica without any reason.

I want LoVe to somehow get together in the next season. I know form the movie that they do get together in second season and overall in the end of the series she ends up alone but she and Logan will be together. I disliked the fact that once she comes to know she is not biologically a Kane and Duncan did not kill Lily and she called police on Logan she seems confused about her feelings for Logan. But, Logan on the other hand was distraught in the end as Lily is dead, mom committed suicide, his dad killed Lily and they were having an affair. The last straw was Veronica whom he genuinely liked and she handed him to the police and did not trust him but the evidences. He is drunk so he gets beaten up. Cannot wait for next season.

LoVe The Breakdown

The Maze Runner- The Movie

Thomas arrives in a boxed shaft in a maze. The leader of the group is Alby and there are runners where an Asian boy named Minho is the leader. The second in command after Alby in the maze is Newt. The whole people in the maze strictly follow their leader and follow the rules and regulations without questioning.

The initiation night there is a bonfire and a boy named Gally is fighting with a boy and the boys are surrounding the fight. It’s a friendly fight. Everyone calls Thomas by different names such as shank, greenie, slint etc. Thomas is called by Gally to have a friendly fight. Gally hits Thomas and he lands his head on the floor making him remember his name “Thomas”.

As no one knows what Thomas is good at he works at the garden with Newt. He is asked to bring fertilizers from the jungle. He goes and is attacked by Ben. His skin is different and his vein is greenish. Ben questions Thomas “why did he do this to them?” Ben attacked so he is banned from the glade.

Next day Alby and Minho visit the maze and come back. All of the gladers see that Alby is stung by grievers. The glade doors are closing and as all strictly follow the rules no one goes for help except Thomas. The door closes leaving Alby, Minho and Thomas stuck in the maze for the night. Till now no one has survived a night in the maze.

Thomas hangs Alby up with the vines. Then killing a griever Thomas, Minho and Alby survive the night and return to the maze. When they return Gally doesn’t believe Thomas as good and innocent. He mentions how with arrival of Thomas things have started to change.  Then the shaft opens and for the first time they see a girl with a note in her hand saying “She is the last one”.

Then Minho shows Thomas the maze miniature version and explains that door has a pattern. The girl wakes up and Thomas starts hearing noises. He hears WICKED is good.

Alby wakes up form the stung from griever and explains that he saw Thomas when he was stung. He mentions that Thomas was always their favorite. He gets cured with the serum that the girl brought with her. Thomas is punished as he broke the law and went inside the maze. But, with Minho’s request he is considered as one of the runners. His friend a Chuck mentions and shows a small pendant that is his parent’s remembrance.

The next day the door opens and the maze starts changing by itself. The maze door does not close and it is already been sunset. Then they hear grievers and they all go to hiding. Then most of the people die. Saving chuck Alby gets taken by the grievers. As Alby is hanging in the hands of grievers he says that Thomas has to save all of them.

Thomas gets hit by Gally. Then Thomas finds a serum and hits himself with it so that he can remember something. Then he sees how Teresa (the girl) and he are part of WICKED and all of this is done by them too. He also sees a women saying to him WICKED is good. He confesses everything to Newt and the remaining boys.

Then there are two groups formed the next day. One headed by Gally and then after confession the other group is held captive. But, they take control and decide to leave the glade. Gally and his men decide to stay in the glade.

Out in the maze they are attacked and many of them are killed in the process. Then they reach and find the end. Then there is a code to be entered and it is revealed that the maze itself is a code. The maze pattern opens when they push a red button.

They enter and a women projects and says how things have changed. There is no earth the drought and virus has killed everything and flare has started. The people who survived are the new generation. Saying this she kills herself.

Then Gally comes stung by a griever. Then he tries to attack Thomas and he says he has to do it. It looks like he is being controlled. Then Chuck dives and saves Thomas and gets himself killed. In the meanwhile Gally is hit by a big javelin.

Then people come and take all of them saying they have to trust them. They are there to save them all. When they reach outside all is desert. The man says “Everything is about to change.” All of them are put in a helicopter and they leave. Thomas and Teresa talk telepathically.


The woman who killed herself is shown wiping her head stating that the video which gladers saw was fake. She is addressing many people who are sitting in a conference room. She says that many children survived than what she had expected. She ends by saying now we have to start “TRIAL 2.”

The End

Gone Girl – The Movie

I watched gone girl and it was amazing. I loved the movie mostly because I loved the book and the movie did not differ form the book. After all, screenplay was done by Gillian Flynn herself. J The book is divided into three parts where the movie is shown simultaneously. The incidents happen as well as the diary entry.

The promotional Movie poster that  I  loved

Movie Poster

Movie Poster

The day of Amy’s disappearance, Nick is at “the Bar” with his sister. Then he gets a call from his neighbour and he leaves. Then they show Amy’s diary entry where she met Nick for the first time at a party. She leaves with him and in the ally ends up kissing Nick and eventually having sex that night. They show how Nick touches Amy’s lips and then kisses her. He also puts two fingers on his chin and says he is saying the truth. These two things is sort of sacred and a secret language of Nick and Amy. Nick comes home and he finds that there is a broken table and his house is in a mess. Police arrive and then she searches and says it must be a break in and seeing “Amazing Amy” poster she says it is Amy Elliot Dunne.

Then the story shifts to diary entry where she mentions that she is getting fucking married. There is a party at her parent’s home and she has to talk with bloggers. Nick comes to the rescue and talks with her and proposes her with a ring inside a book.

Nick is taken by the police to examine his saliva. Police is furious that he has not reported Amy’s disappearance to her parents. He goes to call them and as he does he sees his father has escaped form mental institution.

Diary entry shows how they were happy in their married life. She talks about how it is wrong when people say that marriage is hard. They have a great sex life and even though they promised each other they end up gifting each other on their anniversary.

While Nick’s home is now a crime scene he goes to sleep at his sisters. The police ignore a pregnant woman who says she is Amy’s BFF. While investigating the home police finds an envelope. It is clue one. The police also come to know that everything in that house even nick’s credit card is under Amy’s name.

Press conference is held to ask people to help find Amy. Then Amy’s parents talk with the police about the stalking incidents. When they open the clue (treasure hunt) he says he know where it will lead them and they go to his college office and they find second clue there. Then the police also find a red thong. The second clue mentions little brown house.

Although Nick knows it is his dad’s house he acts as if nothing is there and takes the third clue and leaves. He does not understand what the third clue means. In the help center he sees Amy’s ex also prom date Desi.

The diary entry shows the recession hits and Nick is now jobless. He lies on the couch the whole day and plays games. Then Amy mentions how her parents want her trust fund money. Nick hesitates but Amy convinces him saying after all it is not their money it’s her parents. So he agrees. Then Nick gets a call and they have to leave New York and go back to his home as his mother has 4th stage breast cancer.

Present day his sister asks what is it that he is hiding and yet he says nothing. Then late night he receives a text from Andy (his girlfriend) then she is in the house he sleeps with her and warns her to go away and not stay in contact till this is over.

Then the police are investigating and they come to know that in a shady place Amy came to buy a gun. The diary entry also shows that Nick does not want the baby so he has anger issues and he pushes her away and she falls down. The next day Nick’s sister is angry because he is a lying cheating bastard.

A candle light press conference is held where the pregnant BFF mentions that Amy was 6 weeks pregnant. Then he goes back home and informs his sis that he did not know she was pregnant as Amy did not want kids. He also mentions yes they went to a sperm bank and the bank notified him that if they don’t collect the sample it will be destroyed and it has been destroyed.

The further investigation shows how there are traces of blood loss, she was pregnant and Nick’s credit card shows massive purchases. Doubting Nick’s innocence the police officer again visits Nick’s dad’s house and finds Amy’s diary. In the meanwhile Nick figures out the clue and he finds the wood shed where the last clue leads and he sees that there is everything that the police said Nick bought with his credit card.

The part two of the movie. Amy talks about her plan. How she did everything and planned it like befriending, writing fake entries of violent behavior of Nick towards her. All of the plan and how she did is shown along with fake pregnancy and how she drew her own blood and spilled it on the floor. She wants to make sure that the lying, cheating and clueless husband gets jailed for her death. She made sure that Nick left home on the day of her disappearance. She plans on ending her life soon so that the master plan is successful.  Buys all the junk food and eats them. She cuts her hair short and colors them and wears fake glasses.

She hires a room and befriends her neighbour where she tells her that she saw her husband kissing another woman the same way he did to her first touching her lips and then kissing her.

Then Nick calls his sis and shows Amy’s anniversary gift and tells her she is playing with him. There is a gift and there is a toy inside it. Then he also mentions how he was planning on getting divorce form her as anniversary gift and Amy told him to think about their marriage and sends him off. He decides he will get a divorce so when he came back she was gone. Then he travels and meets lawyer named Tanner Bolt. He also meets one of the stalkers of Amy. The guy mentions how they were dating and Amy started getting serious and she always bought him ties and one night having consensual sex she leaves and police come to his door stating he raped her. Amy has marks on her wrist form the ties that she gifted him.

She is watching the news with her neighbour how her “fake BFF” is explaining that Amy is 6 weeks pregnant. Few days later while playing golf Amy drops her money bag and neighbour questions her saying Amy said that she is broke. Not to leave any trace Amy is cleaning the motel and the neighbour and a guy come and hit her and take her money away. Not having any money she calls Desi. He takes her to his Lake House where she will be safe.

Amy notices that the house has a lot of surveillance cameras. Then Desi leaves and says that he will be back for dinner.

Other side Tanner Bolt is helping and teaching Nick how to say and what to say in front of the camera. Meanwhile Andy with Amy’s parents confess how she was having an affair and how she was wrong. Nick in his interview asks Amy to return and says he loves her. He does the two fingers on the chin thing. Amy is watching his interview with Desi. Nick also mentions how he betrayed and is shameful with his behavior.

The police find a golf club from the fireplace and get a warrant to check his sisters home. They find all the stuffs of credit card and arrest his sis. They arrest Nick for killing Amy as now they have golf club as a proof.

Amy tries to seduce Desi and she ruffles his hair and pulls his shirt out. Then takes a wine bottle and inserts it down. Then she throws herself in front of the camera crying as if Desi raped her. She ties her wrist and uses wine glass to make it seem she has been raped. Then in the evening she has sex with Desi and during that time she slits his throat and is covered in his blood.

Nick has returned and so has Amy covered in blood. He hugs her and calls her a crazy bitch and she faints. In the hospital she is there explaining how Desi forced inside her home and kidnapped and raped her every day. She came back and killed him as self defense.

They come home and fight and Nick says he wants a divorce. They sleep in separate rooms. Tanner leaves saying he married a crazy person and the female cop also says she cannot help Nick as there is no evidence and the whole country views her as a heroin and she can act.

There is a press conference and Amy leaves a gift. Nick opens and sees that she is pregnant. Before he can retaliate she says it is his. He refuses and says he wants to live separately as they constantly fight. Amy says isn’t that what marriage is about? They have a meeting at the home where Nick says they are happy and they are going to be a family, Amy is pregnant.

Flashback shows how he tells his sis that it is his responsibility and he will not leave Amy.

It’s a sick love story and addiction to one another. The book portrayed that he was not in love with Andy and he is addicted to Amy. But the movie has a slight difference that Nick wanted divorce and he loved Andy more. In the book he ends up living with her. But the movie ends where he is still unsure of what “Amy” is and “What is she thinking”.

The last scene of the movie where Nick is unsure

"What is she thinking?"

“What is she thinking?”

I loved this movie one of the big reasons is that although it is an adaptation it is done brilliantly and it does not miss out what’s in the book. I hate when the adaptation leads to some crap and worst movies. I loved the acting and hats off to Rosamund Pike as she is a brilliant actress. She mixes beauty and craziness at the right amount and it is a total femme fatale.