Pray for Nepal Quake Victims

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Dear all,

I know I possibly have not mentioned in my bio or anywhere but I am from Nepal. A little landlocked country which was recently hit by earthquake. 7.8 magnitude I was part of the incident and I am glad that i survived. My family members are safe and sound.

There are many lives lost and the recent data shows about 7 thousand. I have been to every sites and i am sure about the fact that there are thousands of bodies yet to be recovered. All the historical and cultural places have turned to dust. It is sad and depressing and the whole country is in shock. I always read about these natural disasters hitting a nation and the consequences are devastating. Facing this makes me sad and makes me question many things around me.

If possible please donate and if not do pray for my country and its people. It will takes years or may be a decade but i sure see the country standing tall as ever in the years to come. Please do pray for us.