Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief – Rick Riordan

The prophecy given by the Oracle for Percy:

You must go west, and face the god who has turned.

You shall find what was stolen, and see it safely returned.

You shall be betrayed by one who calls you a friend.

And you shall fail to save what matters most, in the end.


The original cover

Percy JAckson adn the lightning theif my book cover

cover of my book

Percy Jackson is a regular kid with dyslexia and ADHD and due to his behaviour he gets kicked out of every boarding school and is admitted to a new one every year. In his present school he is taken to museum where his teacher Mrs Dodd’s attacks him demanding something that he has for which he is clueless. Mrs. Dodds turns into one of the three Furies and attacks Percy where his teacher Mr. Brunner gives him a pen that transforms into a sword that immediately kills the Fury. When he comes back none of the teachers and students seems to know that there was a teacher named Mrs. Dodd. He departs with his best friend Grover Underwood and heads home.

Percy and his mother go and rent a cabin and at night they are disturbed by Grover and he has small horns and waist below is satyr. Percy is further shocked that Grover knows his mom Sally. Then Sally knowing what happened at school does no delay and sends him to camp half blood. Upon reaching they are attacked by a Minotaur. His mother is killed and he enters camp and is shocked to know that he is half blood. His father is some Greek god. He also comes to know that his Spanish teacher Mr. Brunner is actually Chiron a centaur.

There he meets Annabeth, Luke and Clarisse.  Annabeth is daughter of Athena and a mortal father. Luke Castellan is son of Hermes and Clarisse La Rue his arch enemy is daughter of Ares. In the ceremony of capture the flag Annabeth asks Percy to join her team and he does only to know that he was a puppet as Clarisse was leading the other team. Percy fights the team and also gets claimed by his father Poseidon. As he is a son of one of the main Gods he is the one everyone has been waiting for. He is assigned a quest by the Oracle.

The quest id to find the missing lightning bolt of Ares which Ares believes is stolen by Poseidon. Percy also comes to know that three main gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades vowed to never bear the children and Percy being born is violation of the rule. They also believe that Hades stole the Lightning Bolt knowing that Zeus would blame Poseidon. They believe Hades stole as the three gods cannot enter each other’s territory without invitation. Sky is Zeus domain, water is Poseidon and underworld is Hades. Hades is the one who stole using his Helm of Darkness.

Percy along with Annabeth and Grover embark on the quest. There the fun part of the book starts. Grover and Annabeth also share a story where Thalia daughter of Zeus was killed and to Honor her pine tree was planted at the top of the camp hill. Percy is given the sword by Chiron which is a pen when closed and is named as Riptide. Medusa, Chimera, Ares, trapped into the hotel where they don’t know how fast the time passes and they are charmed. Meeting Hades he comes to know his helmet “Helm of Darkness” has also been stolen and Percy’s mother is not actually dead but held hostage and once the helmet is returned she will also be returned.

Upon returning back to the land they come to know that the missing items are with Ares and he was manipulating all. Percy challenges Ares and wins returning the helmet to one of the furies and bolt to Zeus. Zeus knowing that although the oath between brothers was violated he lets Percy live and Percy has a chance to talk to his father Poseidon. Then he returns camp as hero because he completed the quest. Grover gets his searchers license. Percy is happy everyone is leaving for home and then the last of the prophecy that he will be betrayed by one whom he calls a friend comes true where he comes to know that Luke is actually the one who stole everything. He also comes to know that Kronos is rising and getting stronger. Luke attacks Percy casting a scorpion from underground and although he is saved he realizes more battles are ahead.

The prophecy translates as per line 1- Hades (assumed) but it is Ares, 2- Bolt and Helm of Darkness, 3 – Luke and 4 – his mother.

I simply love the book and this is my second read and I love it more. I like the modern version of Greek myth into current scenario. It is an easy read with twist and turns and an amazing story line.