Ruthless – Sara Shepard (PLL Book 10)

book 10 cover


The book starts where it explains Spencer‘s last summer holiday at UPenn summer program. Spencer is in jail for possession of drugs. As the police tell her that her friend (Kelsey) bailed on her she calls Aria and Emily who don’t help and Hanna helps Spencer by planting drugs in Kelsey’s room and Spencer walks free not knowing that Kelsey never bailed on her.

Hanna’s dad is busy with his campaign and he knows someone took 10,000$ and Hanna confesses of being blackmailed by the photographer. This leads to Mr. Marins change of heart and becomes closer to Hanna. As Mike is ignoring Hanna he is dating someone else. Helping her dad with the campaign she meets Liam and comes to know that he is the son of the rival who is standing against her dad for the senator.

Aria being dumped by Noel emails Ezra and he comes to the rescue with his manuscript about their love story. She secretly starts dating him until she finds him with Klaudia. In the end Noel comes back to her.

Emily’s big sister is in town and they go for a night out where she meets Kay. She falls for her and kisses her too. Then they start hanging out. Only later to come to know that she is Kelsey Spencer’s former friend who was framed for possession of drugs. She also comes to know that Kelsey does not know Spencer framed her. She tells Kelsey about it which causes a fight between Spencer and Kelsey.

Spencer gets an email saying how there has been a mistake from the Princeton college about her application and she is being reviewed again there was mix up between two applicants Spencer Jill Hastings and Spencer F Hastings. To improve her credit she is striving hard to get A and she is the lead Lady Macbeth. She meets Beau who helps her deal with things and she is happy until the opening of drama night she fights with Kelsey. Kelsey the girl she framed for possessing drugs during summer break when she attended Penn University’s summer program.

Emily leaves with Kay and all girls meet her where they come to know how Kay is not A and she OD’s herself. Later meeting Kay in the mental institution where Hanna was sent by A they come to know how Tabitha was also a patient there. They also see how Courtney was there and has left a mark.

I found this book okay no suspense and nothing much. I will read this book series till the end but if it was some other series I would dislike it.


Twisted – Sara Shepard (PLL Book 9)

book 9 cover


Four girls free from the lies are vacationing in Jamaica. They all are knit together. But something happens in the trip. They see someone resembling Alison and the girls name is Tabitha. They all share a secret. The following days of the holiday Hanna, Mike, Noel and Aria vacation in Iceland. Emily goes to stay with her sister Caroline with a big secret. Spencer spends the holiday in Rosewood.

Hanna’s dad is running for senator and always being angry over Kate and not receiving any attention from her father she meets a photographer who sees talent in her. Ending things with Mike thinking he is possessive she ends up being threatened by the photographer for her vulgar pictures.

Emily has another secret of hers and meets Chole with whom she confides. Chole’s dad helps Emily but only till he makes a move on her. But alas Emily gets full swimming scholarship.

Spencer comes to know her mom is dating Nicholas who has one daughter (Amelia) and one son (Zachery). Spencer falls for his son Zachery. She makes a move but he confides in her that he might be gay. She also gets early acceptance to Princeton.

Aria is happy with Noel until the foreign exchange student turns out to be a beautiful blonde name Klaudia. Klaudia’s innocence gets in Arias nerves and she comes to know with the passing of time that it was all false and she can speak proper English and wants to steal Noel from Aria. Aria’s one mistake leads to Klaudia successfully getting on Noel’s good side and Noel and Aria breaking up.

All are haunted by A and in the end the secret that all share is about Tabitha Clark whose body is found dead. They all see the news together.

My view is that as after 8 books Sara Shepard was given a continuation of the book series she has changed the threat techniques in the book. She made the book similar to the television series where the liars receive text message. So overall was  a nice start. I liked the book.

Wanted – Sara Shepard (PLL Book 8)


wanted cover



With all of the girls released and Billy in custody they try and have a normal life. Until Emily is called by Alison’s mom at her house and she is having a press conference and the family introduce a new member Courtney DiLaurentis who is the identical twin of Alison DiLaurentis. She says due to health issue she was not introduced to all. The girls meet Courtney and she shares how due to her health reasons she was kept away from the world and how her sister Alison kept on talking about the girls as they were her best friends. Courtney also mentions how she will be joining Rosewood Day form tomorrow.

Courtney befriends Kate and Alison’s two ex best friends. They ignore Hanna and Mike is called Skid mark and Hanna ignores Mike in order to save her reputation and calls him Skid but Kate and the others do not accept Hanna saying she is a Psycho. Since coming of Courtney Spencer finds a new sister and is happy. Emily is happy as she looks like Alison whom she loved. Hanna tries to fit in the in crowd and relationship between Noel and Aria is stranded. Things begin to change and slowly she tells Emily how she is the real Alison then Spencer then Hanna and at last Aria. All three are happy as Emily finds her love back, Spencer finds a sister she can be with instead of Melissa and Hanna has a shopping partner and she no longer is fat and sitting while Alison tries on new clothes. Aria is skeptical and does not trust Alison mostly as Alison and Noel dated and went out twice and Alison dumped Noel. Alison/Courtney gains the girls trust. Spencer is happy that she is not the bitchy Alison and Alison says she likes Spencer better than Melissa. Emily gets mixed hints so Alison kisses Emily saying how she also feels the same about Emily. Hanna was not included in the group after her failed ticket to fashion show fiasco so Alison helps by getting revenge on Kate, Naomi and Riley. All girls are happy. At that party Aria sees Alison and Noel kissing. Alison says how Noel was the one who kissed her Aria angry leaves the party with the other girls for their separate after party.

Then they all are in DiLaurentis house somewhere far. Then all are drinking and Ali mentions how to forget the past memory they have to have a new one doing the same old thing but in a different way. Alison hypnotizes all and when they wake up there is smoke and a letter. Reading the letter they come to know that the story that Ali said was false. She despised them all and how their Ali was actually Courtney and she killed Courtney. How Alison hated what her twin did and she hates all the four of them. So the story is Alison was popular and Courtney was the sweet one. So Alison faked things and Courtney was thought of having mental problems (although not) and was put in Radly and she came home that summer when Radley shut down and she was going to another institute and Courtney stole Alison’s ring and wore it and her mother did not even notice so instead of taking Courtney back they take Alison although she told her mom it is her. So Courtney did not know anything about Naomi and Riley so she dumped them and created four new best friends whom she saw at her home when she pretended to be Alison.

All the girls escape and Alison is inside with Ian’s rotten, decomposed body.  They all are shocked that their Alison is actually Courtney and is dead. Mike and Hanna are dating again. Hanna’s mom is coming home and her dad and her step family have started looking for some other place to live. She is happy that her mom is coming back and she did not know about Hanna being admitted to a mental institution. For the first time her mom cares. Spencer has her family back with her dad although staying away is coming home once a week for dinner. Emily goes to the Courtney shrine and in the small E coin bag that Courtney gifted her she puts all the photos and memories and buries them. Aria and Mike get a call that Meredith is in labour and they all got o hospital all four best friends and mike. It’s a girl. Noel comes to hospital as Mike texted him and Aria and Noel make up. Everything looks fine for the first time for girls.

My view:

I think this book was suppose to be the end reading at the acknowledgement. I loved how the book ends with indirectly stating how Alison is still alive somewhere using different names (anagram for her name). I am happy that this book was way more fun to read than reading all four individual lives. I am happy Noel and Aria, Mike and Hanna are together. Spencer found her family and Emily is done grieving for Ali/Courtney.


Heartless – Sara Shepard (PLL Book 7)




The backdrop is how Ali’s mom Jessica called all liars when Ali is not back home the next day.

The girls are saved from the burning barn and all saw Ali. The paramedics say that it is due to too much smoke inhale they all hallucinated and saw Ali. Emily on the other hand is sure Ali is alive and says that all four of them could not imagine the same thing. The media gets the information of girls saying they saw Alison and they four are termed as “Pretty Little Liars”.

All are at the hospital and they meet in Spencers room and discuss and say how they all must have hallucinated and Emily does not believe so. Wilden comes and tell the girls that they should stop saying Ali is alive as the DNA evidence proves that the body is indeed Alison’s.

Emily receives a note form A and she travels the next day to an Amish place where she meets a girl. They start talking and she comes to know that her big sister went for Rumspringa and never returned. She use to send letters but that stopped and she had a boyfriend and he also did not return to the community. Before leaving the girl goes to the tombstone of her sister and sees stars. She comes to know that it is symbol of their community. Emily recalls seeing that somewhere and asks the girl what her sisters boyfriends name was and it is Darren Wilden. Emily receives a note from A telling her to go to the police station and get the documents and the door will be open. Emily concludes how Wilden killed that girls sister and dumped the body instead of Ali and Ali is alive. Then at police station she is under arrest.

Aria takes the Ian ring and keeps it safe. She goes to a séance and meets Noel Khan there. During the psychic reading he says how a lost friend is here and she should not have taken your boyfriend. Then Aria freaks out and does not believe that it is Ali and goes to restroom and sees a pamphlet of 3 years back when Ali was missing. Then at her dad and Meredith’s home Noel comes to meet Mike. There he tells Aria that his brother committed suicide after babysitting him and he was the one who found the body. Then at Noel Khans hot tub party Aria goes there where everybody teases her and Noel comes to the rescues and takes her upstairs. She tells him she did not lie and he believes her. Noel talks about how he knows some other psychic who can help. She agrees and kisses him with Noel being more than happy. They meet the psychic and she says in Ali voice that Aria can ask only one question and she asks who killed Ali. Then she sees the note that says Ali killed Ali. Then police come and arrest Aria.

Spencer gets her dad and mothers affection after the barn burn. Then she tells them about Olivia and how her college money is gone. Her parents tell her how although Olivia gave birth to her the eggs used were her parents. Her mom also takes her out and tells her how she was studying law with her dad and she got pregnant and she stopped her studies. “A” helps Spencer in finding that her dad and Ali’s mom had affair. During the surprise dinner A plays her part and Spencer ends up questioning her dad about his affair her mom and sister unaware are shocked. She ends her parent’s relationship and she recalls how her dad said that he did not know about the “kids” not kid. Then she is at dinner and police come and arrest her.

Hanna’s dad is tipped by A pretending to be school counselor and is send to rehab for eating disorder. Mike and Hanna are in love. Mike even goes to drop off Hanna. There she be friends Iris and she becomes popular and shares her few secrets. Then she dreams about Ali warning her about another girl. But she later realizes that it is Iris she is warning about. Iris also says how she had a roommate named Courtney. Then she hears Iris say I’m Iris and I’m fabulous. It’s the same dialogue that Ali use to say and she copied that. Then she confronts Iris and in that time police comes and takes her away.

All the girls are put in custody and there Emily shares her doubt about Wilden and Spencer says she and Ali might be sisters and Hanna says how she was not in Singapore but in a institution because A planted it. Then they all are released because how the creepy construction worker is caught with evidence. Then there is another murder. Spencer goes home and Melissa says how she is sorry for the poor girl. Jenna is dead.

My View:

I liked the book. Aria says so Hanna and you are dating and Mike responds why it is shocking? I am hot. Haha. Then I like Noel and Aria. I dislike Emily throughout the series don’t know why. Spencer I like the character she has ups and downs like a normal person and her issues are mostly related to family. A is alive and Wilden did not return to his community and is a good person. Who killed Jenna? Who is A?


Killer- Sara Shepard (PLL Book 6)

Killer cover


Ian’s dead body is gone and all the liars are under media scrutiny. A seems to be helping them.

Hanna is busy with Kate and her competition to win over Mike Montgomery. While proving that Mike likes Hanna she goes on a date where later realizing that after her his second date is Kate. Then in the end Kate confesses that she never liked Mike and was only testing if Hanna would go after what she liked. Hanna realizes that she genuinely likes Mike. Mike overhears Hanna and Kate’s bet and later comes to know about Mike and Noels bet about whom he will take to prom. They both like each other and they kiss. It is also mentioned how at a sleepover in Aria’s home Mike gropes Hanna thinking its Alison and yet they share a kiss and that was Hanna’s actual first kiss.

Aria is living with her dad and Meredith. She finds her crush Jason Dilurentis liking her back. And they go on few dates. Through A she comes to know how Jason and officer Wilden were friends. Then Jason gets mad at her because she invites him to the hotel opening party as her plus one.

Emily is in love with Isaac and Isaac’s mom does not approve her. Isaac does not believe her and later at the Radley hotel party he says sorry to Emily. Emily also finds the register book where she comes to know that Jason was a patient in Radley institution.

Spencer is determined she is adopted. She distances herself from Andrew and meets her faux mom Olivia. She is slowly cut off from her parents. They refuse to fix her laptop and they sell her BMW and tell her to get a job. The faux mom causes Spencer to use all her money into buying a fake apartment from a fake broker. She receives IM from Ian. Spencer also finds a note of Melissa where she comes to know Jason was in love with Melissa.

Hanna and Mike share a dance in the Radley opening and she recalls how she dreamed about Alison who hints her song. She remembers that while all waited to steal the flag she saw Wildens car. Then as Spencer is in danger all go to her barn. They see Ian online and tell him they believe him and his innocent. Then the whole house in on fire they escape and see Ali who says she also received a text and that’s why she is here. All girls are shocked.

My view:

I liked this book better than the previous one. I want to see Mike and Hanna more. Although in the TV series they only mentioned how Hanna felt guilty about kissing Mike long time back. Here they have a chance. I liked how Ian’s body disappearing and how the liars see Alison after the smoke. All of this was included in the TV series.

Wicked – Sara Shepard (PLL book 5)


Wicked PLL 5

Ian is taken into custody the story starts with time capsule event. Ali already famous boasts about how her brother is going to tell her the location of one of the flag piece. She flirts with Ian and all the other 4 liars envy her and want to steal a piece of the flag form Alison. Then Alison says how she will have the piece with her all the time and the only way to get the piece is over her dead body. Later that same time she dies. Later in the book it is said how all liars were there and Alison says they all are late somebody already stole her piece. Aria recalls how Jason (whom she had crush on and thought is her soul mate) finds her that day in the woods and gives her the flag piece. Aria never told anyone or showed anyone that piece.

Hanna is dating Lucas and her whole soon to be step family is living in her house. She is alone and soon befriends Kate. Kate tells one secret and Hanna does so in return. She starts drifting away from Lucas. She over hears Kate talking to someone saying she can’t wait. She messes a big time when she can’t wait and thinks Kate is going to insult her she tells everyone that Kate had Herpes. Then in the end Lucas ends things with her due to her behaviour and her father says her privileges are gone and Kate will accompany her everywhere. Wicked Kate gets what she wants. She tells Hanna’s dad that she was rehearsing for her play “Hamlet”. Hanna read the book over her break and comes to know she is lying and when Hanna leaves to meet her friends for the last time before she is grounded Kate tells Hanna that it was not herpes.

Aria is still stuck with relationship drama. Her mom gives her an art exhibition ticket and there she meets the artist Xavier and gets attracted towards him. Xavier is also her mother’s mystery date form some website. Xavier and Hanna are attracted to each other and they end up kissing. Xavier confronts Aria and she says it means nothing. Xavier says he got mixed signals form Aria. Then when she tells him to leave her and her mom alone he tells her both are guilty and he is not going to leave.

Emily has ended things with Maya and now going to church with her mom meets Isaac. She gets attracted towards him and is unsure as she felt she is lesbian before. Then dates Isaac and he is unsure how Emily feels and asks her why is she behaving like that with him is it something that he did but she ends up telling him everything and how she is attracted towards him and is unsure if she is a lesbian or bi. Then Isaac says he doesn’t care he accepts any form of her.

Spencer is barred from her grandmothers will. The will states how it is to her blood related grandchildren only. Her parents don’t tell her anything and Melissa hints that she might be adopted. Andrew comes to the rescue and tells her that there is a website and if she is adopted she might find her birth parents. She registers. Ian is on bail because his mom has cancer and he comes to visit Spencer and tells her that she is missing something big. She does not believe him. Then at the party her parents still act like they don’t care about Spencer she storms out crying. Andrew finds her there and consoles her and confesses how he disliked the way she treated him in the party but he was mad because he likes her. They kiss and Spencer feels the attraction too. Spencer analyzes her dream and comes to conclusion that there is a hint in the buried Ali memory. She goes back and all the liars receive text saying that A warned everyone not to tell each other and one of them will pay the price and they have to find Spencer in her backyard forest. They all reach up to Spencer and see Ian’s dead body. She says how she found him there and they receive text from A saying he had to be out of the way.

My view:

I did not like the book that much. There was no suspense and A was not scary and I just wanted to get it done with the book. I am glad as per book they killed Ian’s character in the TV series.

Hope the next book is interesting!!

Unbelievable – Sara Shepard (PLL book 4)


pll 3 unbelieveable

The story continues where Hanna is in the hospital is in critical condition and slips into coma. All the liars and Mona and Lucas are there in the hospital. Emily is sent back to live with her cousins the very next day.

Aria is living with her dad and Merideth and she sees how just in a months time how her dad has changed. They make her join Mindless Art where she meets Jenna and gives her the false name during first meeting. Although Jenna already knows she is Aria. She spends most of the time with Hanna. A tempting her she tells Mike about the threat texts that her friends have been receiving and they complain it to Police and as a result gets attacked by A in the art class. There she is recued by Jenna revealing she knew all along it was Aria and the firework incident was Alison and her doing. She says how she knew only Alison would understand as she has a brother too. Then Toby had received final warning to be sent to boarding school if he does something. The plan failed and worked as she got rid of Toby and how Toby saw Alison and that was the reason for misfire.

Emily is send to Iowa only to discover on her first night that her cousins are not as they seem. She goes out partying and she meets Trista Taylor who hints she likes Emily. The next day they are caught and all blame Emily and she leaves the town. Seeing the news of Hanna in coma her parents begging her to come back she goes home. Her parents have accepted her and she is back with Maya until Trista decides to visit. After coming back to Rosewood she starts doubting Maya being A.

Spencer after pushing Melissa is under her parent’s eye. So that the family name is not disturbed the family allows her to take Melissa’s article and they have to spend one day in her grandparent’s old cabin by the lake. During the stay they drink and Spencer not being able to control and hide things from Melissa confesses about her kiss with Ian. She says she knows and also about Alison and Ian. Then Spencer sees the anger inside Melissa. They bond and come back. Spencer is busy preparing for Golden Orchid and in the end she wins but decides to confess. She bonds with Mona after Hanna’s hospitalization and prepares welcome back party for Hanna. After realizing that her sister is possibly A she leaves with Mona to police station.

Hanna coming back from coma is the same Hanna but she just remembers how she was shopping clothes for Mona’s birthday bash and all the insult and Lucas romance is forgotten. Lucas tries hard to tell her he should not trust Mona. Mona hides the truth and Hanna cannot understand her attraction towards Lucas. She remembers how she ditched Lucas for Mona’s bday part and knowing how Mona had mistreated her she still stays by her side. In her welcome party they all think about A and after Spencer leaves suddenly Hanna remembers what happened at Mona birthday bash and also she recalls how she comes to know that Mona is A.

Aria comes to the party and all the three liars go to police and tell them about the text message and they follow Spencer where through a phone call she reveals them her location. Meanwhile Mona reveals she is “A” and gives Spencer two options to continue being A with her or die. Then they are out of the car they fight and both slip but Mona falls off the cliff and dies.

Mona reveals how she was friends with Jenna and that night of the accident she was there to visit her friend and Alison’s misfire burnt and gave her scars. How her parents did not believe her that it was Alison’s fault as Toby confessed the very next day. How her parents told her she was jealous. Then she found Alison’s diary where she had written all her secrets and how she read the last line where she decided to meet Ian that night of her murder.

They find the diary that Mona was talking about. They arrest Ian as Melissa says she fell asleep and doesn’t know if Ian was with her that night. She went to Prague next day. All girls are free and happy that A is gone. Hanna despite having Mona’s phone deletes all the messages and gives the phone to Wilden. Her mom is travelling for work so her dad is going to be staying with her. Aria comes to know Meredith is pregnant but is glad her mother wants her back. Emily has ended things with Maya looks like it. Spencer confesses to the Golden Orchid about plagiarism.

My view:

I liked the book and I like how when in the TV series Spencer and Mona are in A’s lair and she comes to know Mona is A because of that bubblegum wrapper inside the diary. Alison meeting Ian that night. Can’t wait to know what happens next. Sad about how Lucas and Hanna are over.