The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye – David Lagercrantz



The book starts with Lisbeth in prison. So, I was wondering how did I miss reading this in the last book? Has it been this long? Then as I read on being an avid fan of the book series and I come to know after few chapters what is really going on.

Salander is in prison. She is still looking for what happened when she was a child and she has a lead. Meanwhile, she witnesses a victim in the prison(being bullied) and knowing how the weak one is always tormented she takes an action. The consequence leads to Lisbeth being chased by Islamists at rage and the prison bully is in hospital who puts out a death sentence on her. The story follows few new characters who are related to Lisbeth’s past. The story slowly uncovers the Registry which conducted pseudo scientific experiment on children.

Here is what the book cover says:

Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist return in this furiously paced fifth book in the internationally best – selling Millennium series that began with Steig Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Lisbeth Salander – the brilliant hacker, the obstinate other, the volatile seeker of justice for herself and others – has never had access  to the most closely held secrets of her traumatic childhood. Now, when she sees a chance to uncover them for once and all, she enlists the help of journalist Mikael Blomkvist, the editor of the investigative journal Millennium. And nothing will stop her – not the Islamists she enrages when she enables a young woman to escape their brutality; nor the prison gang leader who passes a death sentence on her; not the deadly reach of her long – lost sister, Camilla; and not the people who will do anything to keep buried knowledge of a sinister pseudoscientific experiment known only as the Registry….

Lisbeth is not given to forgiveness. The dragon etched into her skin is a constant reminder that revenge is not a mere fantasy. And now she is prepared to exact it with a cold fury.


In my opinion I loved the book. It just does not stop. It keeps you on your toe all the time and makes you want to know what actually happened and what happens next. It was a good read to go all over the roller-coaster life that Lisbeth gets herself into. There is Annika who is Mikael’s sister who is again her lawyer. There are two stories that goes side by side. One, Lisbeth’s past that Mikael is helping her uncover and second her revenge over the bully in the prison. It was a wonderful read. It also tells about the Dragon Tattoo how it came to Lisbeth and the reason behind the tattoo. We will sadly depart one the close character. The Hackers Republic is back on.


  • It has been more than two weeks that I read this book and I loved it at that moment but however I have these issues.
  • There is too much of Blomkvist than Salander which I disliked. I felt like Lisbeth was just one fourth of the book.
  • There are lots of new character and their back story is emphasized a lot. I dislike too much detail about the prisoner being bullied and the guy who is also the part of the experiment.
  • I wonder where did Camilla Vanish? I want a new novel that tells how and what happened to Camilla since childhood. I want her to be the sadistic crazy kind.


I will always love this series no matter what. But now reading the second novel continuation by a different author I can see the clear difference. I feel that the vision that Steig Larsson had about the book has changed. How the first book was just solving one case and the last book ended with Lisbeth being free. I also saw potential development of Lisbeth and Mikael love story in the original books. But, here I see them as more like a brother sister relationship. From small story to a classic blame it on the company or organization or the government can be seen. I can see huge gap. However, I cannot blame the author, now can I? The first three originals are still the best for me. It is sad that Larsson wanted it to be a 10-book series and the fourth one was supposed to talk about Lisbeth’s twin sister Camilla (which they did). I also don’t know if it is a hoax and just an attempt to hype the novels sales but who knows as the book was published post his death. I miss the way Larsson wrote making me imagine Blomkvist is based on his character as he was also a journalist and socialist politics and independent researcher for right wing extremist. His kind of work led to him not getting married but in a live-in relationship. Similarly, Blomkvist works in a magazine and works for rights and exposing the truth. Due to fear Larsson never married his love. Blomkvist always gets in trouble with and because of Lisbeth. I like the girl in the spiders web more than this.



The Girl In the Spiders Web- David Lagercrantz (Millennium #4)


This book review is for the second most anticipated book of the year. First being Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman. The book writing process was done with extreme precaution where the author David Lagercrantz wrote the novel on a computer that had no internet connection and no early copies were given out and lastly he personally handed his manuscripts to his publisher. Need I say more?

I simply loved the book. I do see the difference in writing style but the overall storyline and the context is the same as Stieg Larrson’s. The book definitely does justice to Lisbeth and Blomkvist.

The story starts with Lisbeth hacking a US company (NSA) and alerting the man who wrote the program by using a program that she created by herself. Millenium magazine is struggling with the ownership falling in hands of other people and Blomkvist is now a journalist whose days are gone and he has to come up with a very good story for his comeback as a journalist. The third story revolves around Frans Balder who created software (Truegames) and that is stolen (later to be revealed that it was one of his assistant who sold it). Then he joined the same company and tried to prove that it was his work. But out of the blue he leaves the company in US and comes back to Sweden and takes his child from his ex wife and abusive boyfriend of hers. His son August is autistic but a Savant with two senses highly active.

Blomkvist meets Linus Brandell who was one of the assistant to Frans. He informs Blomkvist about how the program was stolen and now out of the blue Frans is back and does not meet anyone and he has been hiding something. What catches Blomkvists interest is how a girl resembling Lisbeth’s appearance came and checked into Linus’s computer. Blomkvist decided to meet Frans only when Frans calls him and as soon as he reaches the apartment they hear gunshot and Frans is dead.

Lisbeth has her own agenda and a reason to be in contact with Frans. Her long estranged sister Camilla has a role and the old detectives Bublanski and his team is back investigating Frans’s murder. Why Lisbeth did come up with the user name Wasp and who is Thanos or The Spider society is out getting who? (Read Marvel comics as it cleverly based on that). Everyone is out there with their own agenda in finding what they want and all of the different stories are somehow connected like a web. It is truly a comeback for Lisbeth and Blomkvist.

I really loved reading the novel. The whole time I was wondering when will Lisbeth and Blomkvist meet finally. Alas at the last page. It is good one and the novel does justice to the characters. It is like Millennium trilogy with many stories interwoven and many plots that link to one core aspect of the book. It is a page turner and with every revelation the plot gets more and more interesting. Although they say once a book is translated into another language the story and the essence is changed and a little bit of the translators perspective gets inculcated. Nonetheless, George Goulding has done a pretty good work in translating the Swedish book into English. In the end it was worth wait and worth the read. It feels like Lisbeth and Blomkvist never left. J Reading the last line when Blomkvist and Lisbeth meet I sure do hope there is a continuation to the series.