Inkheart- Cornelia Funke


“When Meggie was just 3 years old her father reads aloud to her from a book he just purchased called Inkheart. What he does not realize is that he has a gift of bringing the characters to life when he reads aloud. While reading Inkheart he brings Dustfinger, Capricorn (villain) and Basta in his world. They attack and leave. Then he realizes that his wife is missing. The consequence of bringing someone into our world is that in exchange someone from our world goes into the book. They are also known as Silvertongue. What they cannot control is what to bring from book and in its replacement who goes in the book.”


There is a Father and his daughter who live happily. Name of the Father is Mortimer (Mo) and his daughter called Meggie. Mo works as a book binder and Meggie attends schools and is 12 years old. One night they get a visit from her father’s old friend called Dustfinger. Dustfinger has a pet marten that has horns and is called Gwin. After the arrival of Dustfinger they leave for his wife’s aunt’s place. The aunt is called Elinor. While they are there Dustfinger entertains and then one night they are attacked by Capricorn’s men. They take Mo. Then Elinor, Dustfinger and Meggie leave to Capricorns village. They realize that Dustfinger took them as bait so that in return Capricorn promised him to send him back to his book. Threatening Meggie’s life Mo is made to read aloud. He reads and brings wealth but makes sure that he misspells the characters name. Then he reads from the “Arabian Nights” and brings one of the thieves called Farid into our world. Mo comes to know that Capricorn not wanting to go back to his world has burnt every Inkheart book that was there. Everyone is locked in the cell and Farid believes that he is still dreaming. As Dustfinger is saddened over the fact that there is not a single Inkheart copy left and he was lied he steals Basta’s knife and helps Mo and his family escape. They run to a hill and spend the night. But, Basta and Flatnose catch them and somehow Dustfinger ties them and they leave. They go to a town nearby and live there. Mo gets the address of the author (Fenoglio) of Inkheart. Farid becomes inspired by Dustfinger and follows him around. Mo and Meggie go to the authors home and come to know that he does not own a single copy of Inkheart. He gave three copies for some museum and it got stolen. Meggie learns that Dustfinger does not know but in the book while trying to save Gwin from Capricorns men Dustfinger gets killed. Mo explains about his gift and how Dustfinger, Capricorn and Basta are here and how Dustfinger is with him. Fenoglio being shocked wants to meet Dustfinger but Mo refuses as Dustfinger does not want to see him. Mo promises to Meggie that he will not go to Capricorns village and he thinks that the woman in the picture is her mom. Then they come out of the house and see Dustfinger. Dustfinger knows that Mo is hididng something. Meggie says to Dustfinger that he cannot go back as he will die in the end. Dustfinger, Farid leave and Mo and Meggie decide to stay with the author. Elinor going back home and realizing that all of her books are burnt calls Mo and says she is coming back. While Mo is on his way to receive Elinor in the airport, Basta and Flatnose come and get Meggie and Fenoglio and leave. Basta Caves BASTA so that Mo comes to fetch his daughter. Dustfinger and Farid plan on stealing the last Inkheart copy. Then he says he will meet a servant that he knows and will ask her to look around for copy. As she is dumb he explains her and says he will meet her tomorrow. Then he sees Mo and Elinor when he is back so he holds them and ties them so that they don’t escape. Dustfinger says it is a stupid plan. Next day Dustfinger goes but sees that the maid is not the one waiting for him but it is Basta. Dustfinger gets caught. Mo, Elinor and Farid plan on the attack. Dustfinger and the maid Resa are in the dungeon and in the book it is revealed that Resa is infact Mo’s wife Teresa and Dustfinger know s about it. She is also the women that Dustfinger loves. Meggie being sad that Mo will come to rescue and she is just bait is crying. Author find’s books under his mattress that was left by another silvertongue called Darius who stammers and brings character to life but they have some deformities. While reading peter pan she brings Tinkerbell and tin soldier to life. Farid sends letter from Mo to Meggie in gwins collar. Then she replies back saying she also holds the special gift. But she does not explain the fact that she knows her mother is alive. That night Elinor escapes to inform the police about Capricorn’s village only to know that those are Capricorns men and she is caught and put in dungeon where Dustfinger and Resa are held. She is shocked to find her niece alive. Basta finds Tinkerbell and being a superstitious believer takes the fairy as a good luck charm. She demands to speak with Dustfinger one last time. She talks and after that Dustfinger tricks Basta dn escapes. That night the author says he is working on something her father said and he is able to change the words and send Tin soldier back with a happy ending. So he writes day and night on a proper ending to Inkheart. Mortola (the Magpie) has taken over Basta’s place she is also the mother of Capricorn. She comes and gives a dress to Meggie and she hides the paper in her sleeves. In the meanwhile going through Dustfinger’s backpack Mo sees that the women Dustfinger loves is his wife. Although Mo and Farid create a diversion by setting fire Megie reads with a changed ending. Shadow (created by Capricorn) comes to life but through Meggie’s words he kills all the men there and also Capricorn. Looking at how happy they are Farid and Dustfinger realize that they don’t belong with them. They leave in order to find some other silvertongue. The only survivors are Basta and Magpie. They all return to Elinors home along with Darius. Darius is travelling with Elinor so that she can rebuild her library and Mo, Meggie and Teresa and living happily. She comes downstairs and sees how fairies and other creatures are still alive and she sits down to write. She has sent the author back to his own creation. She starts writing something about impossible. Same way the author did with Inkhearts ending.

The starting of the book was boring as I watched the movie before the book. But the story/fantasy novel is good. It gets better as we read on. Having named Inkheart only two characters escape. All of the others are either dead or back to their rightful place. I want to see what will be the next storyline. How will it continue.