The Mortal Instruments – Cassandra Clare



This post will be my first to rate the characters that I most like to the least liked. I have listed the characters and then I will start writing about the characters that I most like to the least liked ones and the reasons.

Clary Fray, Jace Herondale, Simon Lewis, Isabelle Lightwood, Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane, Luke Garroway, Jocelyn Fray/Fairchild, Valentine Morgenstern, Max Lightwood, The Lightwoods, Sebastian, Maia and Hodge.

  1. Jace Wayland: Also confused as Jace Morgenstern and finally comes to know he is Jace Herondale. The reasons I liked this character is because he is a loner in his own way. Is adopted and assumes his father is someone else and comes to know that he is the same person but different name and later comes to know he technically does not even have a name. His biological parents have a sad story. I liked how people slowly come to know that he is not Jonathan but they die or end up keeping it as a secret. There is something so hidden about JAce that I loved this character. I was wondering if this novel would not be about Clary but Jace then it would still make sense. Jace has a complicated history than Clary. Till the end he was scared about losing Clary.
  2. Magnus Bane: I love Magnus. A high warlock who is bisexual and is completely in love with Alec. The forbidden love of a shadowhunter and a downworlder. It was amazing. He is quiet most of the time and just pops up when the Shadowhunters need help. Without Magnus the book would be dull. Without Magnus the shadowhunters would be trapped. What there not to like a warlock who dresses in bright color as he pleases and sparks blue aura and has so much magic in him.
  3. Clary/ Clarissa Fray: She is Jocelyn and Valentines child. The first book she practically did nothing and was confused about her feelings for Jace and when she came to know that Jace is her long-lost brother Jonathan she was not so much heartbroken. She kept on protecting Simon and supported Simons view over Jace. Then in the second novel she was dating Simon and it was not until the Farie queen asked her to kiss Jace that she realizes she truly loves him and dating Simon is wrong. Jace although hurt over knowing that he can never be with Clary and also the fact that Clary has accepted them as a brother and sister leads to Jace breaking Clary’s heart by saying he will respect her wishes and will see her as a sister. This was the best part. The third book she is just doing her thing and accepting Jace’s feelings and helps Jace rise back form dead. They come to know they are not related. She is dumb and a smart girl.
  4. Simon Lewis: I liked this quirky character only after book 1. Throughout the book one he knows Clary is oblivious about his feelings. He wants to date her and be with her so he is just stubbornly tagging along. From the time he becomes Vampire and he grows up. He knows how he cannot be with Clary and is smart in his own way. He helps Jace and he can do anything to help Clary is the best part. I loved the transition of this character from reckless gamer nerdy guy to smart and understanding guy.
  5. Alec Lightwood: This is one of my favorite character in the TV series but here he is okay. I liked Alec’s love for his sister and brother and his little crush on Jace. Seeing how this book was written in the year 2007 I found it okay that Alec might want to hide his sexuality. The book was published in the year 2007 so it was written before that. Coming from a respected family he tends to hide his identity. He was a good brother and his coming out in front of his family was a good character.
  6. Luke Garroway: Previously known as Lucian Graymark. First a shadowhunter then turned into a warewolf. He has been in love with Jocelyn but respected her wishes to be with Valentine. He is loyal and trustworthy. He will protect his pack and Clary at any cost. He is a kind-hearted character.
  7. Jocelyn Fray: Jocelyn Fairchild. Feel in love with a good soul and still loved him when he turned bad. Loves her daughter and I disliked how she wanted to protect Clary but I understand why she did what she had to do. I liked how she realizes her love for Luke is true.
  8. Isabella Lightwood: Also, known as Izzy. She has a far big role in the TV series than what is said on the book. The book has lot of roles but not action wise. She is bold and knows what she wants. She is kind hearted and well-liked by everyone. She is attracted to Simon and not because he is a vampire and has a charm but she liked him from the start. Just sad that there was no story of two of them.
  9. The Lightwood’s: They are a powerful family who were granted freedom post uprising. There is a little boy called Max who wears glasses and reads a lot. I liked this character popping in from time to time. Felt bad that Sebastian killed a little boy.
  10. Sebastian, Hodge and Maia: Sebastian was introduced in the last book. He plays a sly character. I liked how brave and sadistic and demonic he seemed. I felt like if there is a back story to Maia then why is it not related to the story? She was just a character which if not there it does not make any difference. She likes Simon and he likes her back but her back story of how she became a werewolf was completely unnecessary. If it is related to other 3 books it might make sense but not for this. Hodge, I understand how he must have felt. Being a nobody he was trapped in the castle post uprising. He did what he had to do to survive. Most of all he loved the kids.

Valentine Morgenstern: He is a charismatic believer. I felt angry over his character but then I felt sad for him because no matter how bad of a character he is he loved Jocelyn. He did things his way but his love for her was pure. Even Luke could not accept he loved Jocelyn but Valentine knew how his best friend felt about his wife.



The City Of Glass – Cassandra Clare

The story takes off form the time the heartbroken Clary (as jace respected what Clary wants and told her he wants nothing but just Clary as a sister). She meets an old friend of her mom who says she knows how to save her and to save her mom they need to go to Idris to meet Ragnor (warlock). She tells Jace and they plan on going together. However, Jace does not want Clary to go with him so he lies to Clary about the time they are opening the portal (by Magnus) and calls Simon just before they leave. Simon is shocked over this and disagrees but keeps quiet when Jace says all he wants is to protect Clary. Things turn ugly when they are attacked by demons and Simon gets injured and Jace drags Simon to Idris. Clary comes to know that they left and creates a new rune and travels with Luke to Idris and lands on river. She is poisoned and Luke goes to meet an old acquaintance (his sister) to help Clary.

There at the manor in Idris they met the new family and Sebastian who is about Jace’s age. Friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Some trust is broken and some trusts are gained back. They must fight the battle with Valentine and demons/ downworlders join forces to the good and evil side. Some false relationships and some hidden relationships come to light.

I personally liked the story and the ending but I just did not like reading about the fight/war as there are many characters and it is boring after some time. I hate the fact that it is always the new young crowd that is the savior and who has special powers and the people on the top are the ones who must make the decision. It is a very well written novel and all the loose ends gets tied and you will not be left wondering what happened. I loved how the past stories about the uprising is related to every new characters life and story is related. It makes so much sense and it is wonderful.

I am glad I read the series. May be in due time I will also read the remaining 3. But I will assume this as one set. 😊 Happy reading!

City Of Ashes – Cassandra Clare

Clary has decided not to live in the institute and get involved with the shadowhunter life. She and Simon are dating and she believes that she can lead a normal life. Jace is heartbroken knowing that Clary is his sister. The story starts with a white-haired man asking a warlock to summon someone. Argamon is summed but the warlock is killed in the process. Jace has the talk with the lightwoods and he leaves the institute as Lightwoods question his actions. He ends up at Luke place where there is another attack on the lycanthrope. This leads to a mistrust. The inquisitor gives visit where Jace will be questioned and there is a massacre. What is Valentine up to and why is he aiming at the mortal instruments? What will happen between Jace and Clary and Simon (who thinks he is changing). There is a new girl Maia who was bitten by a werewolf and she is getting close to Simon. The underground Farie who will give you what your deepest desire is but the consequence of it is never good. What is Jace doing meeting Valentine. Why do they always need Magnus in desperate times? Clary and Jace both discover being Valentines children have extra strength and power. New runes are created new relationships are build. Some old ones are broken and secrets are kept. There is a huge war coming and there will be casualties. Old families reunite and peace is there in the end. Jace and Clary’s feelings for each other gets tested.

I liked this book better than the first. However, there is no need of Clary in the picture. First half of the book deals individually and Jace trying to go rouge. Clary’s only job and part is to make sure Jace is safe. There is a tug of war kind of relationship between Jace and Clary. There are new backdrop stories to few people. I just liked that Clary also takes part in the fight. I wish to see more of Magnus and Alec. I liked how the book unfolds and how it ended with a cliff hanger where there is a hope.

The City of Bones – Cassandra Clare

Meet Clarissa fray (Clary) she 15 years old who lives with her mother Jocelyn and her uncle Luke. She is in a club call pandemonium with her best friend Simon (who obviously is in love with her). There she witnesses someone about to be killed however she comes to know that only she can see that no one else. At home after that she gets in a fight with her mother. Her mother suggests they leave town and being mad over that fact too Clary goes to a poetry recitation with Simon where she sees one of the guy (Jace who killed a demon) there. She realizes that he has been following her so she confronts him in the back alley and she gets a call from her mother who sounds distorted and scared then the call gets cut. She goes to her house and sees everything being destroyed and she is attacked. She gets injured and JAce takes her to the institute. It is a place for shadowhunters to live freely. There she comes to know about Shadowhunters who have angelic blood in them and they kill anything that is demon. There she meets Isabella and Alec Lightwood who are siblings. Their parents own the manor (institute). Jace and Alec are Parabatai ( dual partners). There they try and figure out why was Clary attacked when she is very sure that she is not a Shadowhunter. Then the story unfolds her past that was hidden comes to light. She comes to know her mom’s and her uncle Luke’s secret and she gets herself attached to the world of Shadowhunters. She meets and fights warlocks, warewolves, vampire, and may other creatures. Trusts will be broken new allies will be formed and there is love and lost.

I particularly liked the book because I watched both the movie and the TV series which is currently airing on netfilx I assume. The story was smooth and there was not so much boy girl drama and it has interesting plot. Reading this took me back to the stories that I love the other world and something happened in the past and how complicated the main characters storyline is. I found the storyline of Jace and Clary to be ridiculous (related) and I felt like Valentine was more like Voldemort who rose from the dead. Wow and both their names start with V. I also thought Luke, Jocelyn and Valentines’s story was somewhat like Snape and Lily being friends before and Lily falling in love with James. It was good read and I hope the next book is better than this. The tracker that Jace uses to track demonic activity reminds me of Supernatural the EMF that Dean and Sam use to see if there is demonic activity.

What I disliked the most about the book is that I am so use to reading the main character being fearless and more into physical combat and who is fierce. But somehow Clary is just a girl who has nothing. She does not do much of anything. She is a girl caught on her own life. She is a girl who wants Jace and also Simon besides her. The book is more like solving a riddle than just the life of Shadowhunters. She needs to learn some skills if she is born as a Shadowhunter. I did not like Clary as much.


Sputnik Sweetheart – Haruki Murakami


Sputnik Sweetheart takes you to another level of Murakami Genius stories. The Story talks about 3 people Sumire (which means Violet in Japanese), the narrator who is only identified as K and Miu. Sumire has always been spontaneous and lively. However, unlike Murakami’s main protagonist K is just a school teacher and he is very bound not independent and free like other characters. K loves Sumire and has been for a long time, but he also knows deep inside that Sumire will never reciprocate his feelings and she considers K as just a friend. Sumire is 22 years old, K is 25 years old and Miu is about 38. Miu is a Korea (north) born and is married and handles her father’s business after her father’s death.

The story goes on with first person narrative where K explains the story through his eyes. It is not until few chapters later that he reveals himself. It is thorough a letter written by Sumire that we come to know he is K. The back story is K and Sumire have known each other since college days and they are very close. They are close enough that Sumire and K share more like a Soul Mate relationship. They answer each other and share unique discussions with each other even at 3am in the morning. Sumire meets Miu at a wedding and they get to know each other. Sumire however, is already fascinated by Miu and is attracted to her. She gets job and new clothes from Miu and she changes herself physically. Miu aspires to be a writer, but she gets writes block since she starts working for Miu. Although she enjoys working with her and is learning Italian she feels incomplete and her attraction (physical) with Miu grows. Story goes on where Sumire accompanies Miu for her business travel across Europe. They meet a gay couple who give Sumire and Miu their island house for the summer. The Island is very secluded and beautiful. Sumire and Miu enjoy there and K receives a call from Miu saying that Sumire vanished into thin air. He travels across the globe and tries to help Miu find Sumire. There he comes to know what happened and he also finds a floppy disk where Sumire has two documents. Document 1 mentioning about how she feels and she is going to take a risk. Document 2 mentions a very private event of Miu’s life.

The whole book has mysticism, realism, parallel world, illusion and the book end with no clear concise ending. It made me wonder a lot about what could have been? Which is the Sumire that returned to K. Is she willing to love him as he does to her? Is the same K that returned from Greece? Although Sumire’s feelings towards Miu was one sided K could see the clearly that Miu was now only a shell and she changed since Sumire’s disappearance. The book leaves with lots of unanswered things yet it leaves a space for the readers to have their own interpretation and be at ease at the same time.

Here are the QUOTES that I liked from the book:

Remove everything pointless from an imperfect life, and it’d lose even its imperfection.

It is the same with everything – you have to learn through your own experience, paying your own way. You can’t learn it from a book.

We each have a special something we can get only at a special time of your life. Like a small flame. A careful, fortune few cherish that flame, nurture it, hold it as a torch to light their way. But once that flame goes out, its gone forever.



The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye – David Lagercrantz



The book starts with Lisbeth in prison. So, I was wondering how did I miss reading this in the last book? Has it been this long? Then as I read on being an avid fan of the book series and I come to know after few chapters what is really going on.

Salander is in prison. She is still looking for what happened when she was a child and she has a lead. Meanwhile, she witnesses a victim in the prison(being bullied) and knowing how the weak one is always tormented she takes an action. The consequence leads to Lisbeth being chased by Islamists at rage and the prison bully is in hospital who puts out a death sentence on her. The story follows few new characters who are related to Lisbeth’s past. The story slowly uncovers the Registry which conducted pseudo scientific experiment on children.

Here is what the book cover says:

Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist return in this furiously paced fifth book in the internationally best – selling Millennium series that began with Steig Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Lisbeth Salander – the brilliant hacker, the obstinate other, the volatile seeker of justice for herself and others – has never had access  to the most closely held secrets of her traumatic childhood. Now, when she sees a chance to uncover them for once and all, she enlists the help of journalist Mikael Blomkvist, the editor of the investigative journal Millennium. And nothing will stop her – not the Islamists she enrages when she enables a young woman to escape their brutality; nor the prison gang leader who passes a death sentence on her; not the deadly reach of her long – lost sister, Camilla; and not the people who will do anything to keep buried knowledge of a sinister pseudoscientific experiment known only as the Registry….

Lisbeth is not given to forgiveness. The dragon etched into her skin is a constant reminder that revenge is not a mere fantasy. And now she is prepared to exact it with a cold fury.


In my opinion I loved the book. It just does not stop. It keeps you on your toe all the time and makes you want to know what actually happened and what happens next. It was a good read to go all over the roller-coaster life that Lisbeth gets herself into. There is Annika who is Mikael’s sister who is again her lawyer. There are two stories that goes side by side. One, Lisbeth’s past that Mikael is helping her uncover and second her revenge over the bully in the prison. It was a wonderful read. It also tells about the Dragon Tattoo how it came to Lisbeth and the reason behind the tattoo. We will sadly depart one the close character. The Hackers Republic is back on.


  • It has been more than two weeks that I read this book and I loved it at that moment but however I have these issues.
  • There is too much of Blomkvist than Salander which I disliked. I felt like Lisbeth was just one fourth of the book.
  • There are lots of new character and their back story is emphasized a lot. I dislike too much detail about the prisoner being bullied and the guy who is also the part of the experiment.
  • I wonder where did Camilla Vanish? I want a new novel that tells how and what happened to Camilla since childhood. I want her to be the sadistic crazy kind.


I will always love this series no matter what. But now reading the second novel continuation by a different author I can see the clear difference. I feel that the vision that Steig Larsson had about the book has changed. How the first book was just solving one case and the last book ended with Lisbeth being free. I also saw potential development of Lisbeth and Mikael love story in the original books. But, here I see them as more like a brother sister relationship. From small story to a classic blame it on the company or organization or the government can be seen. I can see huge gap. However, I cannot blame the author, now can I? The first three originals are still the best for me. It is sad that Larsson wanted it to be a 10-book series and the fourth one was supposed to talk about Lisbeth’s twin sister Camilla (which they did). I also don’t know if it is a hoax and just an attempt to hype the novels sales but who knows as the book was published post his death. I miss the way Larsson wrote making me imagine Blomkvist is based on his character as he was also a journalist and socialist politics and independent researcher for right wing extremist. His kind of work led to him not getting married but in a live-in relationship. Similarly, Blomkvist works in a magazine and works for rights and exposing the truth. Due to fear Larsson never married his love. Blomkvist always gets in trouble with and because of Lisbeth. I like the girl in the spiders web more than this.


The Lost Woman – Sara Blaedel

The lost woman


The book starts with a stalker stalking a house and he kills a woman in England with a hunting rifle through her kitchen window. The women is dead before she hits the ground. The women happen to be a Danish citizen and she is none other than Sofie Parker who has been on the list of missing women for about two decades. Then Louise gets a call from England saying that Eik got himself into trouble and is in Jail in England. Angry over the fact that Eik took out a lot of cash and did not say anything to Louise and is in prison now Louise goes to England to sort things out. Meanwhile Camille is asked by her boss to do a research and write a story about Sofie. Camille goes on her own private hunt of Sofie and her past before she vanished form the boat. What happened 18 years ago before she disappeared and what did she do for 18 years come to question. Louise is assigned the case. Eik’s erratic behavior, impulsiveness and not keeping Louise informed gets her to the core.

The last book dealt with Louise and her past and her coming in terms with her ex boyfriends death. This book deals with Eik and Sofie. The story coming to an end getting a closure and also addition of a new character. What I disliked is the fact that the previous novels showed how Sofie and Eik had a very sad love story. Reading this book and coming to know about who Sofie was and under what conditions she met Eik and how did their relationship start and how did it come to an end is not what I had anticipated. It made me feel like how Eik totally lost it when Sofie went missing how he loved her how he was devastated seems just one-sided love story. Sofie on the other hand was in love with Eik but she had a past and she was walking towards a new future for herself. She had already made up her mind and had set out a course for her and Eik just happened to come across and be a part of it. She went forth with her plan and was alive.

This book deals with lots of things such as how Eik and Louise view their relationship. How much trust they have for each other and how much space do they need. The main theme of this book deals with assisted suicide. It is the term that is used interchangeably with physicians assisted suicide. It deals with the fact that people want assisted suicide in come cases however there is a clause to it that no one seems to think how would the people who will live on think about it. Sometimes due to love people accept soon to be dead’s wish however, that can also turn into hatred. In some of the countries it is legal and in some it is not. How far can it be accepted?

The book gives twist and turns with the story line and ends with Eik coming in terms with Sofie. It was a easy read and I love Lousie Rick series. Can’t wait for the next one.