Only One Life – Sara Blaedel

Only One Life previously named as The Drowned Girl

When a women’s body tied around a piece of concrete with two mysterious circular patches is pulled out from water Detective Louise Rick is assigned the case. The dead women’s name is Samara who is part of the Muslim immigrant community. Samara was about to be send back to Jordan for good. Louise assumes it being an honor killing. Louise also comes to know that father was charged for assaulting his wife. Samara’s best friend also believes that it is an honor killing as her father is very strict. However, Samara’s mother claims that he would never hurt his own daughter. When Samara’s best friend ends up dead and her younger sister kidnapped Lousie finds out more than what she imagined it would be. It is much more than what everyone believes.

I don’t want to spoil more than what I have already mentioned above but the novel deals with many complex issues like religion, close knit immigrant life, stereotypical assumptions, family, breaking free culture, guilt etc. This is a fast-paced book and the storyline is amazing. Is it a serial murder or just accident? Who is the culprit and who is innocent in a close-knit community where they don’t speak with the outsiders?

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