Luckiest Girl Alive – Jessica Knoll

This book has also been compared to Gone Girl. What I don’t understand is the fact that girl on the train and this book they may have the same genre however in my opinion none of these stories can remotely be compared to awesome gone girl. All of these books have their own specific characteristics. I was hugely disappointed with Girl on the Train but I liked this novel a little bit better than that.

luckiest girl alive book cover


Ani FaNelli who is 28 years old has a perfect life. She has a perfect fiancé (rich) and has a glamorous job and is in a perfect body shape that people envy. However, she has a dark past. She was originally called Tiffani.

Tiffani gets thrown out of her old school just over the fact that some girls are caught smoking and her appearance was more of a mature girl (thanks to her breasts which developed early) she gets thrown out. Then determined to leave her past and have a new start she joins another school. There she makes friends and things happen. Not only to her but also to the entire school. She makes friends and enemies along the way. This leads to the story title I think luckiest girl alive because she survives. Why? And under what circumstances? Go ahead and read the book. Then there is this film/documentary maker who wants to personally interview her and one other survivor just prior to her wedding. She realizes it will open up her dark secrets and one of the film makers is none other than her new schools teacher who was young at that time and she had a crush on. She also learns that he is engaged to the other film maker. Furthermore she comes to know that the other person being interviewed is her classmate who has a dark secret of his own with Tiffani.

My review:

I liked the book. It was an easy read and although always wanting the book to take its pace I liked this novel. The author Jessica Knoll also mentioned in an interview that the she was also gang raped and that is how she incorporated this into the book. However, there are lots of incident in this book not only this. It is not so dark but it tells a story of a girl who due to some bad experience learns how to survive in this world. The book goes back and forth where what happened in the past and what is happening in the present come together. She finally puts her demons to sleep in a cunning manner. She does this to gain more attention or just to feel at ease after all these years is unknown. In my opinion she does it to gain more attention. It is not a bad read.