Unfiltered – Lily Collins

This is probably the first of many celebrity author books that I will read. The main tag line of the book suggests it is Lily Collins being unfiltered with no shame, no regrets just her. Well she has tried to bare it all about her life however here is my review. The format of the book is she starts with a quote of her own and then a new chapter begins.

unfiltered lily collins



What I liked:

It is a good read and she shares her failed relationships, battle with eating disorder (can’t wait to watch the movie To The Bone) and her carefree nature. What i loved about her is that fame caught on to her and she has been rejected for movies and TV series (shock for me was she was not selected as Jenny Humphrey) and how from an awkward teenager she has grown into a beautiful soul. She talks a lot about her relationships and how her mother is a pillar in her life, how she has plucked her eyebrows to fit in (which she regretted) and how she has been in submissive relationships and how we should realize that one failed relationship doesn’t mean end of the world.

In short she talks about everything that we must have done during our teens to fit in and how every time that was difficult and we lost a part of who we actually were. Then her media life where she has been in attention. Then comes her relationships with people who were addicts and how she felt she was doing something wrong when the other guy ignored or ghosted her. Then comes how along the way she learned to let go and be happy and do all the weird things that makes her happy. She is also a good cook.

What I disliked:

It is same old story of how the celebrities are like us humans. How they love the small things in life. Once you keep reading it you come to know how it is repetitive. She frequently talks about her addict ex boyfriend a lot and also how we should take control of our life and not get into the stereotypical notion that the world is structured.

What i hated reading:

I expected the book to be more of telling us stories about Lily Collins life but it disappointed me in this regard. She mentions something and then again it seems like a self help book where she keep on saying we should live life the way we want and not think about what happened and not be concerned about what people expect and what they might say. It becomes repetitive.


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