The Forgotten Girls – Owen Laukkanen

the forgotten girls

First of all I would like to say that I enjoyed this book however I accidentally read this book due to confusion with the book that I intended to read having the same title. I was supposed to read the book The Forgotten Girls by Sara Blaedel however both having same name I picked this book instead.

I finished this book and I am currently reading the book by Sara Blaedel.

After finishing the book and after realizing that it is a different one I searched the internet and came to know it’s the sixth book in the series.

My Synopsis of the Book:

The book starts with a girl named Ash getting off a train and meeting a man who talks and then kills her. After finishing a case Kirk Stevens and Carla Wildermere who are Minnesota based FBI agents who work for Criminal Apprehension Violent Task Force get a case of a girl found along the train lines dead for some time. While investigating the case they realize same Modus Operandi (MO) found among various cases (unsolved) dating back to years and years. They come to a conclusion that it is a case of a serial killer who kills along the high line trains and the victims are usually runaways who are not sought after when they vanish (forgotten). Ash has a friend named Mila who was train hopping with her and considered her a good friend. She and Mila get high on trains and at a place where train stopped she vanished and Mila assumed that she must have changed her route. Mila accidentally sees a man carrying the same knife that Ash owned (given to her by her grandma). She knows it her knife because using that knife she once saved Mila and that is how they became friends. To justify Ash’s death she goes on a hunt to kill the man who killed Ash. The story goes parallel where on one hand Mila is getting closer and on the other hand the FBI agents are learning more things and getting to know who the killer is and also Mila going on her own.

My Review:

Overall I liked the book. Although as I mentioned earlier that I accidentally read this book I enjoyed it. It is by a Canadian mystery author Owen Laukkanen and the book is Stevens and Wildermere series. It gets a little bit lengthy because I love watching crime shows and they end in less than an hour but the detailing and the description is spot on. Thank god it can also be read as a standalone novel. I like how the story starts out having two distinct situations and both going to find the same culprit and how in the end everything comes together and the story ends.



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