Truly Madly Guilty – Liane Moriarty

truly madly guilty


It is the usual Liane Moriarty story of friendship, love and complicated relationships. The format of the book is the same where the story goes back and forth and something drastic or some incident happened that changes lives of people in and around that day. The main event is as I like to call it “The Day of the Barbeque” or what the novel calls it “Unfortunate Barbeque incident”.

There are three couples are Sam and Clementine, Erika and Oliver, Vid and Tiffani and there is a neighbor an old man.  Sam and Clementine were best friends. They still are although they have drifted apart. Vid and Tiffani are Erika’s neighbours who have a daughter named Dakota. Dakota seems smart for her age. Finally Clementine and Sam where the whole story revolves around and they have two daughters. One fine day Erika meets Vid who asks Erika and her husband to their home for barbeque and along with them he mentions why Erika doesn’t also invite her Cellist friend (Clementine). Erika has something to ask to Clementine and has been looking for an opportunity and right time to talk to Clementine. Everything comes down to that afternoon. Erika asks Clementine and after their awkward talk they go to the barbeque. There Sam and Clementine’s private talk is overheard by Oliver. All the guys are enjoying Tiffani’s old stories about how she was a dancer. Clementine is flirting with Vid and vice versa. Everybody is enjoying themselves until the incident happens.

The story moves back and forth so the incident happened and since then all three couples have not been in contact. The neighbor also plays a major role. The story depicts how actually their life is. Sam and Clementine have a dry mundane life nothing to spice up their life. No one makes an effort. Erika has always felt shadowed by Clementine and her perfect family life since childhood. Since the time Erika and Clementine (who initiated) to be friends because Erika’s mother is a hoarder and she had bite marks all over her body due to it. Erika has always adored Clementine’s family although she feels intimidated inside. She has always felt inferior. The thing that Erika and Oliver heard, the incident, the choice that Clementine was expected to make and what went on between the three children and the bystander neighbor who saw everything.

It is a pretty interesting book. I like reading Liane Moriarty’s book. She is not my favorite of author and may be in couple of year’s time when I will still be reading her book I might actually know all the plots and I might get tired of the same style of writing. But I liked this book not loved it. I saw the new book on Reese Witherspoon’s instagram post where while she was shooting critically acclaimed Big Little Lies (Which by the way I loved the miniseries and it was more detailed than movies that they make). So it’s exciting to read the book although it was not a page turner for me. It has twist and turns that people love. I loved how there are not many characters. Overall, a good book. After you are done with the book you realize that cover of the book explains all.